The concept of the modern day belief "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" can be traced back to a 19th Century French lawyer, doctor and gastronome Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.  Not a contemporary researcher or licensed nutritionist but he hit the nail on the head.

Demineralised soils have contributed to the demineralization of our food, which has seriously contributed to the deficiency of digestible minerals in the UK population, according to the Composition of Foods tables generated by the British government since the 1930's.

Our personal health can be managed by us; by how we grow what we eat and by what is grown by those from whom we purchase our fruits and vegetables.

We have choice. Do we 'invest' in the scientific research into the goodness of remineralising the soil with basalt, such as 20th and 21st century American, German and New Zealand soil researchers, who used volcanic minerals for replenishing soil.John Hamaker, Dr George Earp - Thomas and Julius Henzel.

By doing so, we will produce vital, bigger and better tasting vegetables and fruit for our own consumption and that of our loved ones.

Food rich in minerals, essential fatty acids and enzymes are what matters for ideal nutrition. Re-mineralised soil produces mineralised food. Just as the mind develops in the classroom, from knowledge and the breeding ground of debate, so our plants, vegetables and fruit develop in the right manner, in soil rich in minerals sourced from Nature's soil enhancer.

Children feed off each other intellectually, worker bees strive selflessly alongside each other and in the best of soils the Nematode (microscopic worm) is at his best when he has volcanic basalt to work with. He takes up mineral compounds from the basalt and then converts them to be usable minerals for plants to enable them to be passed on to us. In itself the use of Mother Earth's Minerals crushed volcanic basalt promotes expansion of these little chaps. This combination produces better trees, fruit and vegetables for us, the lucky ones. It's all there on the plate, we just have to go and take it.

Vulcanization and glaciation are vitally important in creating and distributing minerals across all landscapes and soil, but we in the United Kingdom, haven't experienced either of these processes for millennia.

Hence it is your choice to remineralise your soil and thus optimally mineralize yourself. With the help of micro-organisms, rain, wind and frost balsamic dust is broken down and distributed as ultrafine particles capable of being absorbed by plants and trees, in the process adding minerals.

Let's not beat about the bush. Intensive modern day farming and the constant use of fertilizers and pesticides since the 1940's, has dramatically changed our soil.; Could we replace these actions with a more natural approach? What we had hoped to accomplish with soil additives has not been achieved - we need to use naturally sourced materials to make things better for everyone - wholesome, hale and hearty. The use of crushed volcanic basalt results in soil and food which is far better for us in terms of nutrient content.

There are fifty essential components needed for human health; twenty-one of these are minerals. Though minerals are found in nature in non-organic form, they can only be successfully absorbed by the body when taken up through eating plants.

The volcanic basalt we distribute contains Manganese, Potassium, Oxide and Calcium, Titanium, Iron oxide and vital trace elements. Rather than trying to get what you need from indigestible, inedible supplements, put these on your plate - minerals eaten in you fruit and veg!

Mother Earth's Minerals volcanic basalt:

  • Enhances nutritional value - for bigger, vital fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees
  • Gives a more robust harvest
  • Provides longer shelf life for your edible harvest
  • Vibrant blooms and lawns
  • Improves resistance to drought and soil pests
  • Helps in balancing soil pH

Bag of BasaltPlants work in conjunction with soil and micro-organisms to provide us with minerals and trace elements that should be part of all soils. Here is the base composition of our product as it came out of the ground fifty-tousand years ago. What follows is information on how Mother Earth's Minerals came to be and can be used to replace the following in soils that have been eroded and over-worked for the last five thousand years.



58.36% Silica 0.72% Titanium
0.13% Manganese 4.08% Magnesia
1.96% Potassium 0.26% Phosphorus
15.93% Alumina 6.76% Iron Oxide
4.62% Soda 3.67% Calcium Carbonate

Vulcanization was responsible for creating mineral-rich basalt. Lava flow, wind, water, glacial progression and retreat transported course minerals and fine dust across the surface of the Earth. What was ground up by geological processes over time become a component of topsoil. The smallest particles were carried deep into the Earth's aquifers. Naturally occurring but chemically sensitive micro-organisms in the soil were and are responsible for the next process that delivers nutrients to us and other plant eating species. Non-organic chemical processes stop the uptake of minerals. Minerals are absorbed through the mucosal membrane of micro-organisms which are killed off with chemical fertilization.


Mother Earth's Minerals comes from deep in the Earth - and we are just putting it back the way it was dispersed in the beginning by mixing it into the topsoil - mimicking the first organic re-fertilization process. Using a passive rather than an aggressive approach to solving the issue of de-mineralized soil, we keep our business as carbon-neutral as possible; we obtain the volcanic basalt from an already exposed source, re-distributing this by-product of the road building industry. Road building has already caused considerable environmental damage in both excavation and application of hard surfaces. We hope to off-set some of this damage by using what that industry has discarded - rich volcanic basalt.