VOLCANIC BASALT - It's All about Remineralising You and your Soil!

Product Storage & Costs


The cheapest way to purchase this product is in loose load deliveries -
but Mother Earth's Minerals can be purchased as follows:

10 tonne loose load = £999.00

16 tonne loose load = £999.00

20 tonne loose load = £1799.00

1 tonne dumpy sack = £159.00

1 pallet of 15kg bags (68) = £799.00

15kg bags individual bags (pick up only) = £11.99

Loose Loads
1 Tonne sacks


Multiple 15 kilo bags can be used in small back gardens and school gardening projects - applying it by hand before planting or adding it  around plants once plants are established.

A one tonne dumpy sack is good for one good sized vegetable patch but not enough for full scale growing - as in allotments, vegetable fields or for grazing.

4 tonnes per acre per year is recommended for any agriculture setting. Whether applied with a spreader, by the barrow full or by hand, densely re-mineralizing soil benefits you, your animals, crops, the soil and the micro-organisms that are vital for sustaining all of the above. It takes time to take up, use and pass back into the soils the volcanic basalt dust distributed by these minute creatures. This also provides them with what they need for themselves. The more over-used or exposed the land is, the more stressed mineral-working nematodes are. Please see more on our parent website regarding mineral distribution in soil.

This product, unlike many chemical fertilizers, does not need re-application either yearly or bi-annually. One sixteen ton load will re-mineralize 3.5 acres for three years, with no re-application until the fourth year. Simply re-plant/re-seed for three years in the once applied re-mineralised soil. Dependent upon the amount of organic matter in your soil, you may see no decrease in productivity for up to five years. If you have soil with a good mulch base your cost can be less. Adding leaf matter or compost more quickly activates the minerals release. Measure the size of your plants in the first harvest after the initial application - compared to what you had in the previous year.

The recommended amount per acre for optimal transfer of minerals to plants is 4 tonne per acre, passed onto your livestock for better nutrient health through grazing - calcium, magnesium and potassium especially - or to yourselves via your garden to your kitchen table.


We recommend immediate application in any weather of this soil enhancer; cold or wet whether actually provides quicker disbursement of micro-particles and a quicker breakdown of the larger bits of basalt. This natural process is good for the soil, micro-organisms in the soil, the plants you want to improve and whoever eats from the plants.

Application just before re-seeding is always good, but putting it down a few days prior to reseeding is even better. Storage of Mother Earth's Minerals needs to be on either a covered hard surface, containerized or indoors to prevent the leeching out of the trace elements that will percolate into any soil it is stores on if left uncovered.

Katherine Armitage - a Mother Earth's Minerals business partner and a Sales Representative - handles all purchases and delivery to agricultural clients. She will be glad to talk with you and answer questions you have regarding the benefits of our naturally sourced soil enhancer - for your animals as well as the soils they feed from.

Katherine Armitage
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EMAIL: katherine@motherearthsminerals.com
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